📏Membership Rules

Create rules to gate access to your servers

Once you've gone through Getting Started, you are ready to set up membership rules for your discord server(s).

A membership rule consists of the following fields.

  • Twitter Username: The username of the account (without @) of whose key the user must hold.

  • Minimum Holdings: The minimum number of keys the user must hold.

  • Role ID: The role you would like to be assigned to anyone who meets the server membership rule. See Getting Started on how to get the Role Id.

Bonus: you can also specify two different membership rules for the same role. In that case, if the user meets either of the membership rule, the user will be assigned the role.

Please don't go crazy creating 10s of membership rules. 🙏 It's going to impact bot performance for everyone else. Please reach out to discuss how I can accommodate your needs.

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