🚪Introducing Friend Gate

Introduction to Friend Gate

Friend Gate is a Discord bot that can help assign user roles based on the user's Friend Tech key holdings.

If you have questions, reach out to @ymittal_NFT on Twitter or bholu.eth on Discord.

What is Friend.Tech?

Friend.Tech is a new SocialFi application built on top of the Base blockchain. Users can link their accounts to Twitter, and then trade "keys" (previously known as "shares") of other users whom they admire. Pretty neat, do check it out.

Why Friend Gate?

Friend.Tech application has limited functionality as of September 2023. Users who actively want to grow their keyholders community may wish to migrate to an application with a superior user experience.

In comes Friend Gate. With Friend Gate, a user is able to set up a Discord server catering to their keyholders. Some examples of how this can be used:

  • Run raffles only for key-holders

  • Provide more visibility into the entire FT chat (currently, a holder is only able to see messages).

    • Turn the chat into a private group and let all holders freely exchange "alpha" with one another.

  • [...] possibilities are endless. I am a bit tired to add to this list right now.


Props to

  • Anish Agnihotri who created FriendMEX and open-sourced its indexer which proved to be a great building block for the entire project.

    • I plan to open-source the code soon after I address some remaining issues.

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