🔁Connect Twitter & Discord

The bot needs to uniquely verify a Discord user's Twitter account. A keyholder can do this by clicking Verify Twitter button in the verification channel of the server they would like access to.

We only ask for read permissions when you verify your Twitter. All we care about is getting your username so we can look up your (publicly available) Friend.Tech wallet address on Base network.

My Twitter is already connected to Discord. Why do I need to verify Twitter again?

This is because the Friend Gate bot (any bot for that matter) does not have access to the Social accounts already connected to a Discord account. Principle of least privilege FTW!

I'm getting "Something went wrong, but don't fret - it's not your fault" error when trying to revoke Twitter app permissions.

Once you verify your Twitter account, you can revoke access under https://twitter.com/settings/connected_apps. Sometimes, Twitter throws an error. This is a known issue from Twitter, see https://twittercommunity.com/t/unable-to-revoke-app-permissions/176219

The app permissions will be automatically revoked in a few hours.

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