▶️Getting Started

Setup Friend Gate bot on Telegram

Note: Please consider using test channels to try this bot out first.

Create private group

  • From the left hand menu, create a New Group and add @FriendGate_bot as an Admin.

  • Depending on your needs, you may want to set Chat history for new members to Visible in channel settings

Create public verification portal

  • From the left hand menu, create a New Channel and add @FriendGate_bot as an Admin.

  • Restrict anyone from posting in the new channel

Next steps

Once you have your channels created, you can complete the rest of the setup.

  • In the private group, use /setup@FriendGate_bot.

    • You will be asked to forward the message to the public channel.

    • Once you forward the message, the following embed should appear.

  • In the private group, use /create_rule@FriendGate_bot twitterUsername minimumKeys to create a membership rule.

    • Note that if any of the rules you create is met, a user will be able to access your private channel.

  • You can now clean up any bot-related messages in the private channel.

Other commands

  • To view existing rules: /view_rules@FriendGate_bot

  • To delete an existing rule: /delete_rule@FriendGate_bot twitterUsername

Now you are set to share a link to the public verification channel. People will be able to connect their Twitter, and if they meet your configured criteria, they will be provided with a one-time link (expiring in a minute) to join the private channel.

If a user sells their key and no longer meets the membership criteria, then they will be kicked from the private channel and will have to verify again through the public channel.

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